Conference at Kostergården

Kostergårdens design och form är spännande, inbjudande men samtidigt enkel och ren. Samma grundtanke genomsyrar vårt kök, här finner du ett traditionsbundet utbud med en modern och nytänkande touch. På Kostergården serverar vi alla dagens måltider, allt från den inbjudande lunchbuffén och smarriga umamiburgaren till bohuslänsk skaldjursbuffé och mångrättad finmiddag. Med två uteserveringar, restaurang med lobbybar på markplan och väderskyddad takterrass erbjuder vi en passande lösning för just er. Allt från en mysig middag för två till större fester och middagar. Vår takterrass med utsikt över Kosterhavet har blivit en av Kosters senaste sevärdheter.

Have a conference

Kostergården’s design and shape are exciting, inviting but at the same time simple. The same basic idea permeates our kitchen, here you will find a traditional selection with a modern and innovative touch.

At Kostergården we serve all the meals of the day, ranging from the inviting lunch buffet and tasty umamiburger to bohuslän seafood buffet and multi-prepared fine dinner.

With two outdoor cafés, restaurant with lobby bar on ground floor and weather-protected roof terrace, we offer a suitable solution for you. Everything from a cozy dinner for two to major parties and dinners. Our roof terrace overlooking kosterhavet has become one of Koster’s latest attractions.

Conference Activities

Are you looking for fun activities during the conference?

We have activities for both the active group and for the group that values the calm of the Koster Islands. At Koster there is so much to see and do both at sea and on land. For the conference request – email us on For more information activities at Koster

Below we list some of our most popular activities:



Are you tired of cycling or walking around the island? or do you have someone with you who has a disability? Then our guided bus tour is for you!

We have solar powered electric buses that takes us on the roads of koster.

With a top speed of 25 km/h, the tempo is just right to experience our beautiful island.

How long of a trip you want to take is up to you, but we propose to set aside between 1-2 hours.

For those interested, Koster is a paradise. At Koster you can experience a rich and varied nature – from heather moors and vast shins on Nordkoster to Sydkoster’s leaf-rich landscape with a beautiful forest, flower-rich dry meadows and inviting beaches. The Koster Islands Nature Reserve is surrounded by Sweden’s most species-rich sea area, Kosterhavet National Park.

Choose to stop at the following:

Koster’s Church

Kosterkyrkan is beautifully situated between Långegärde and the grocery store, at valfjället’s foot. The church was built between 1938 and 1939 according to drawings by castle architect Knut Nordenskjöld. It is Sweden’s westernmost church and is particularly popular for weddings.

Koster’s Local History Museum

In the old saltwater at Långegärde brew you can take part of Koster’s culture and history. Houses collections mainly of fishing gear but also a handicraft shop from local craftsmen & artists. Open in summer

Kosters Gardens

Koster’s Gardens on Sydkoster is a peaceful place where you enjoy the vegetation of the organic garden, served meals based on locally grown ingredients and experience art and music. In the farm shop you will find freshly harvested vegetables and nice things for your garden.


A stone’s throw from Ekenäs harbour at Sydkoster is Naturum. It is a manned information center where visitors can ask questions about Kosterhavet National Park, get maps and find a lot of information. Naturum is open to the full-year open and summertime activities are offered both inside and outside.


Valfjället is Sydkoster’s highest mountain at about 45 meters above sea level. From the top of Valfjället you can see to Hvaler in Norway and to Ursholmen and the lighthouses in the southwest. To get up to the top there is a long staircase that begins near the church.



Come and play adventure golf at Kostergården. A 12th hole there is a miniature of the Koster Islands. Here you will find, among other things, the fact that the european Union is a member of the European Parliament. Kosters Church, Koster’s lighthouses, Naturum and shipwrecks, etc. There are two different game paths to reach each hole.


Join the beautiful Koster Sea to haul in and harvest the tins on the black gold of the sea. While traveling, the skipper may share both fishing columns and the hidden secrets of lobster fishing. Be part of a magical fishing adventure close to the real Bohuslän life.



Come and salvage your very first mackerels. Mackerel is good, healthy and fantastically fun to fish. Suitable for both the holiday fisherman and the inveterate coastal fisherman. The Koster sea leaves no one dissatisfied.


Watch the curious chubby seals swim around the boat and as they lie and bask on the rocks. Enjoy a guided archipelago tour of Sweden’s only marine national park, kosterhavet. You experience a fantastic marine and bird life.


A must when you visit Strömstad. Enjoy a guided archipelago tour to the westernmost islands in Sweden. And see Sweden’s only marine national park, Kosterhavet.


Sliding up right at the height of the waves is really something special! You will see seabirds almost always and seals as well. The light, the sound and the healthy algae that surround you- a feeling of really experiencing the Koster Sea.


Make your way at your own pace and surf the waves of the Koster sea. Choose guided paddle board  tour to experience the national park in the best way.


Experience the west coast and koster islands quality of life and get a hearty portion of the Bohuslän carpenter’s joy and salt-splattered cliffs. Stroll along winding dirt roads, flaunting trails and exploring kosters’ distinctive coastal environment.



Experience Koster on a bicycle. Cycling on southern Koster is a pleasure for the whole family. Koster is a car-free island so the family can cycle safely on major roads but watch out for the occasional platform moped! Pamper yourself with a soothing bike excursion and discover Koster. Why not bring something good from our kiosk so you can be gone even longer?



Stroll along with a guide to get the absolute best out of the nature of koster.



Tying your shoes and embarking on a round in koster’s beautiful environment is something we highly recommend during your holiday. There are marked trails around the entire island and are ideal for you if you want to run in terrain.



A manned information center where you as a visitor can ask questions about the national park, get maps and find a lot of information about the islands. Naturum is an exhibition of photos, interactive activities and microscopes where you can watch your own beach finds. With us there is also a pet aquarium where you can see and feel some of kosterhavet residents.

There are also audio guides in Swedish, English and German to borrow free of charge, where a narration takes you around the exhibition and tells you what you see.