Kostergårdens history

Since 1952

In June, Pensionat Kostergården opened on an extremely small scale by Greta and William Holmberg. A few rooms were available for rent in the villa, but most guests were boarded up in the fisherman’s houses around Kilesand, Kyrkosund and Brevik. It was common at this time that fishermen’s families moved down into the basement in the summers to get an extra penny on the rental of their own home.

There was room for about 25 diners in the small dining room. The dining room was set in two sittings so that 50 guests could be served dinner every day. On Sundays, homemade ice cream was always served from a heavy hand-powered ice cream machine that required input from the guest house’s janitor!

A full board at Kostergården cost 8.50 SEK in the 1950s and included breakfast with a couple of hot dishes and dinner consisting of herring tables, soup, main course, dessert and coffee. In 1959 Ulla and Leif Gurstedt took over the hostship. In 1974 there was only kiosk and cafeteria. Then they built it into self-catering apartments.

In the early 1980s, thoughts began to wind up. Ulla and Leif would like to see someone all year-round accommodation at Koster, take over the business and so it was! From the summer of 1983, Ingeborg and Göran Larsson took over Kostergården and continued with about the same concept until 2007.

In 2015, an extensive complete renovation of the facility started. New cottages came on site and Kostergården as it stands today was completed in June 2016.

For those of you who want to read more about Kostergården’s history, please refer to Kosterbladet 2017. Marie Gurstedt, daughter of Ulla and Leif, has written an article from which the above is taken.