Wedding plans? Or maybe a party?



Deciding to get married is a big life decision. Choosing where is the next big decision to make. At Koster Islands there is the possibility of a traditional wedding ceremony in Koster’s church or why not on a cliff in the marine national park? With our two restaurants and bars, Kostergården can offer unique solutions for your dinner and party. There are electric buses on the island that can be rented that give you and your guests the convenience of transportation between piers, church and beaches. Just the journey out to Koster is romantic in itself and once there is nothing else in the way of an intimate moment with family and friends.

With the beautiful Koster landscape as a golden setting, we help you get exactly what you want at your wedding.

In conversation with our party & wedding coordinator Madeleine, she solves all the details that make the day perfect.

Then just water the flowers of love with wine, singing and dancing.

̈Create your own dream, say YES to Kostergården – say YES to each other! ̈ 

”Getting married at Koster is the best decision we made, everything was wonderfully beautiful all weekend! Kostergården helped us arrange accommodation, food, drink and transport for our 110 guests” – Oscar and Felicia ”

Thank you so much, Kajsa and Peter, for the effort you have made to give us the best wedding anniversary, on May 27, 2017! The weather was not perfect during the day, but you made a strong impact like those who solved everything we didn’t have time for themselves. Everything tasted lovely, but the lobster soup was amazing! Thank you for capturing the familiarly atmosphere we wanted and that all guests, regardless of linguistic difficulties, were treated with a big smile. Thank you for everything, not a single problem, not even røde pølser as wiggling!

We have no plans to get married again, but to others who are planning a wedding we give you our warmest recommendations!

Big hug and many thanks” – Veronika and Steffen