Rules at Kostergården


Grilling with charcoal, gas or disposable grills is not allowed on site. If you want to grill, use the common barbecue area. Be careful with the fire, think about the fire risk!


Dogs are cordially welcome to us, but only in the cottages that allow pets. Dogs must always be on a leach and taken outside the cottage area of Kostergården. Don’t forget to pick up after your dog. Otherwise it is in accordance with the legislation in force.


Smoking is prohibited in all our cottages/apartments and suite. When smoking outdoors, please keep in mind that cigarette butts are a fire hazard, never throw away cigarette butts in the area. Also keep in mind that smoke can trouble neighbors and guests.

No mopeds

Moped or other vehicle traffic on the holding is not allowed.

Bike and scooter

You can ride a scooter, but never inside the hotel complex or on outdoor seating. Bicycles are parked next to their own cottage or in the bicycle parking outside Kostergården.

Playing with ball

It is not allowed to play with ball on the cottage area, as it can easily disturb other residents and guests. Ball activities are referred to below the cottage area.

Play music

Be sure not to disturb neighbors and other residents when using Radio/Tv and other music facilities. Play at low volume or use headphones.


Kostergården’s cottage area must be kept clean and free from debris. Waste and other debris shall be disposed of at designated environmental station. Please don’t cigarette butts in the area, but in ashtray.

Environmental Station

Help us in our environmental work by throwing debris and bottles into intended containers at the environmental station. Which containers are available is the allocation at the environmental station.


Most people wish to rest for the coming day. Therefore, the given consideration applies between 11:00 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Fire safety

Candlelight is the most common cause of fire. Be sure to place candles so that nothing can catch fire. Do not leave burning candles, but turn off when you leave the room, cottage or apartment. Never store flammable goods such as petrol or oils in or at the property. Function test your smoke detector regularly. Keep in mind that oil or fat fire should suffocate.


In accordance with Swedish statutes, all units at Kostergården have children’s locks on knife box in kitchens, kitchenettes and lockers under sink. We ask you to respect this and thus do not remove them.

Kilesand beach

Is protected by nature and should be treated with respect.

Fresh water

Is a shortage of fresh water at Koster Islands, we appreciate if you think about this.